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Why Us

At JMV, we're inspired by a single goal: to provide quality Engineering products at a fair price with exceptional customer service. We are quality driven and have the determination to perform to our best.

We are guided by values that define our work and connect us to our client's success:

  • Safety First
  • Build Trust 
  • Quality Driven
  • Can – Do – Attitude 

Just In Time

By combining Just-in-Time and lean practices, we provide our clients with the right parts, at the right price, at the right time. We work with them to determine the appropriate quantities and types of products needed at a given time. These techniques ensure our delivery commitments.

Vendor - Managed Inventory

If you're concerned that Just-In-Time (JIT) system may not fit your ever-changing demand, JMV will produce and stock your finish goods, releasing them, as you need them. Developing vendor-managed inventory programs reduces costs for our customers and focuses delivery times on actual needs. Basically, as the parts are consumed, they are replenished in our finished goods inventory. This allows us to decrease your inventory and stock-outs, while improving productivity.

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